Commercial Roof Maintenance and Repairs

Roof Maintenance Benefits
Choose between one or two inspections per year. At each inspection, we will review the most critical components of your roof.
During each roof inspection, we will perform regular roof maintenance. For bigger issues, separate work quotes will be issued.
After each roof inspection, you will receive our 17 point roof inspection report detailing the health of your roof as well as all the preventative maintenance we did.
Small problems, if left untreated, become expensive repairs. With our roof maintenance program, most roof problems will be caught early on and repaired before they become big, expensive problems.
Roof Inspection
  1. Gutters and collector heads
  2. Scupper boxes
  3. Roof drains
  4. Pitch Pans
  5. Curbs and flashing
  6. Crickets
  7. Expansion joints
  8. Seams of Membranes
  9. Low spots or ponding area
  10. Condition of membrane
  11. Roof obstructions
  12. Coping metal
  13. Pipe jacks
  14. Grease vents
  15. Pipe supports or pvc supports
  16. Positive drainage
  17. Sky lights and flashing kits

Maintain your roof. It’s the smart choice.

Choose from Silver (once a year) or Gold (twice a year) maintenance agreement plans.

Quality Commercial Roof Repair in Chester County

When you're experiencing roof leaks or damage to your commercial building, you want to partner with a commercial roof repair team that can fix it quickly and efficiently. At Trailway Construction, our roof leak repair contractors are experts in restoring business roofs with many different materials. By offering free price estimates and honest services year-round, we're able to excellently serve the Chester County region in flat roof repairs. Chat with our dependable team of commercial roof repair contractors when you call today to claim your quote!

Dependable Roof Leak Repairs For Your Business

Time is of the essence when it comes to solving roof leak repair problems. Minimizing the damage to your business roof means contacting our commercial roof repair team as soon as you notice it! After a quick call with our reliable receptionist, we'll send out the best roof leak repair team to patch, coat, and seal your roof. We move quickly, yet efficiently, to make sure that your business is back to running smoothly with as little downtime as possible.

Sometimes a roof leak repair just isn't enough to repair the years of damage your roof has experienced. In that case, our roof leak repair contractors can suggest a roof replacement instead. With our commercial roof repair team, we make sure that there are no surprises or unexpected invoices.

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Detailed Flat Roof Repair Services in Chester County

From flat roof repairs to entire commercial roof replacements, Trailway Construction is the commercial roof repair team that businesses have trusted for 16+ years. Our flat roof repair experts are certified in restoring the following types of business roofs:

  • Metal roofing
  • Bitumen roofing
  • Rubber roofing

Because we have the proper certifications, insurance, and training, you can book confidently, knowing that your business is in good hands. Trailway Construction has decades of experience in flat roof repair and has maintained a 5-star rating from the very beginning. Customers across Chester County are grateful for the value and quality that our local commercial roof repair company provides. See more of what our customers have to say or request your flat roof repair estimate today!

Get a Free Quote On Our Commercial Roof Repair Today

No commercial roof repair or restoration is too big or too small for Trailway Construction to complete! From extremely complex roof drainage systems to a simple roof leak repair, we've seen- and fixed it all. Our commercial roof repair contractors are honest professionals who are always looking to provide valuable services to Chester County. We start every roofing project the same way with a quote! Request your roof leak repair today when you fill out an online form!

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